Baby Elephant Walk

Ladies and gentlemen, I am victorious. I have finally weaseled my way in to a group of friends at work… yay me.

This past week has been glorious, partially because now I am not a complete loner in a new country, but also because it’s HALF TERM!

Half term, for those of you Canadians that don’t know what it is because we don’t get it is a random week off in the middle of the term of school… apparently they do this all over Europe… WHY HAS CANADA NOT CAUGHT ON TO THIS YET?

So naturally I have been doing all kinds of wonderful things like hanging out with my new BBFF (That’s British Best Friend Forever) and doing lots of touristy things like visiting Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge and the city of Bath (which was the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen).

Last Friday night a bunch of my new work mates and I went to a pub after school was over (although I’m sure we all wanted to start drinking much earlier in the day than day) and I had a super awesome time getting to know them all!

This Friday is Halloween and I’m dressing up as a cat and going to a party with all my awesome new work mates (see how I’ve weaseled my way in so seamlessly?)

Well despite having a rather eventful week I feel as though I don’t have much to say. Fortunately for all of you, Caitrin reminded me of a hilarious story that I wrote several years ago (probably while sleep deprived or hypoglycemic…) that I am about to share with you. You’re welcome.

The Elephant Dilemma of ‘94

There once was a pink elephant named Buboo McGilvary. He was very lonely and a total outcast because of his extremely feminine coloring. One day he met a nice blue elephant named Cindy Persimmon. They fell madly in love and were married on a warm summer’s day in 1991. They spent almost all of their time together, falling more and more in love. Cindy would make Buboo waffles and bacon, his favourite. Buboo would draw Cindy a bubble bath and bring her a glass of wine (which she drank with a straw because elephants don’t have opposable thumbs). After a while, the two started to try to have a baby and on a cool autumn night in 1992, Cindy told Buboo she was pregnant. Then 22 months later (the gestation period of an elephant) their little baby boy was born. They named him Dumbo after an old family friend. Everything was perfect except their baby elephant was green… which struck Buboo McGilvary as odd because blue and pink don’t mix to make green… blue and YELLOW do, and there just so happened to be a yellow elephant named Harley Keller (who was a total misogynistic womanizer) who always had his eyes on Cindy. So Buboo filed for divorce from Cindy, packed up and left, and was never to be heard from again.

But don’t worry, they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed The Elephant Dilemma of ’94. It is my masterpiece.

More to come on the next exciting episode of Moose on the Loose!

Stay Tuned…

– Moose ❤ ❤


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