Back to December

Well friends… it seems I have to deliver the disappointing news that I did not, in fact, complete my Christmas Break Bucket List in time to write this blog post… oops!

But I have good reasons, I swear! A) I was very ill for most of the past two weeks and am now on antibiotics for a chest infection, and B) I’m going to France at the end of January and so I wanted to forego doing anything that would cost money in hopes of saving for my trip!

I did, however, have an extremely rewarding and fulfilling Christmas break doing a few things from my list, as well as spending time with some pretty amazing friends!

I went to both the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum! They are awesome and I have to go back and spend a day in each because there is so much to see! I went with my lovely new friends Rob and James (they were mentioned in a previous blog post… they are wonderful!)

(I had a photo of them… I can’t find it on my computer…)

I went to Platform 9 ¾! The queue was ridiculously long though, so Lauren and I decided just get a photo of the cart going through the wall instead of me and the cart going through together… that’s still copacetic I think!

Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.24.10Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.24.26

I went to Charing Cross with James and Rob… they told me what I can only assume was a made up story about it and then they posed for photos…

(Also had a photo of this which is not on my computer… it’s like my technology is allergic to Rob and James! So disappointing…)

Lauren and I visited the Prime Meridian! Well we saw it, but were too cheap to pay the admission to get photos and so we following the line onto the pavement and took a photo there! There was already a small piece of tape indicating the Prime Meridian and so I can only assume I’m not the only cheap person in the world…

Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.23.11Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.23.35

I opened Christmas presents! That’s pretty self-explanatory!

I decorated my room… with Christmas presents!

Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.18.49

So y’know… typical Londony stuff, et cetera, et cetera.

I’m sure there is lots more to report but I’m running on very little sleep so I’ve decided to include more photos than I normally do to make up for my dreadful lack of enthusiasm!

Oh yeah… New Years Eve in The UK is the same as New Years Eve in Canada except here I got like six embarrassingly platonic midnight kisses… C’est la vie xx

Stay tuned…

-Moose ❤ ❤


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