Ready or Not

First few days back at work and I can honestly say that I love my new job!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m now working at a school which is a Pupil Referral Unit. This means that students who attend this school have been referred by their previous school because they are no longer suitable to attend a mainstream school. Sometimes it is due to behaviour issues, or sometimes it has to do with the student being on the Autism Spectrum, but either way, all of our students have an interesting story.

Naturally, in an attempt to remain professional, I won’t go into too much detail, but I do want to share a few reasons why I like my job so much (as superficial as some may be), and show you the before and after photos of my office (which also doubles as my classroom)!

  1. I get to walk to work. That’s right! I live close enough that I can walk to and from work and it’s glorious. I walk to Wandsworth Common everyday, which is basically a really big, green park right near my house… and if I’m feeling adventurous, I can even walk past Wandsworth Prison, which just so happens to be the prison in which the last ever execution of an inmate on death row took place in the United Kingdom on January 28, 1953. (Derek Bentley, in case you’re wondering… not that you were but if you’re interested, you should watch the film Let Him Have It which is based on his trial and death.)
  2. I can wear flip flops to work. I know I don’t need to explain how happy this makes me… even people that don’t know me that well know that I adore flip flops.
  3. I can wear jeans to work (unofficially… but still). Who doesn’t love to work in jeans?
  4. My coworkers are amazing and hilarious. I work with an awesome couple, married 31 years. I work with another Canadian. I work with two women who love to sing! And I work with several other, superbly amazing people. Jealous? I would be.
  5. I get to teach students one-on-one. How amazing is it that these kids get one-on-one instruction? Pretty freaking awesome.
  6. I only work three days a week at my new school (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) and so I have the option to take long weekend if I want and just not do supply work on Friday and/or Monday! (Ironically, I love my job so much that I wish I were there all five days a week… c’est la vie!)
  7. Every day is a new adventure. When you work with the students that we work with, you can be sure that something interesting will happen every day. I already have so many stories and I’ve only been working there for five days.
  8. The atmosphere of the school is so nice. All the staff are friends, they are all so supportive and have been so welcoming to me as I begin the year there, feeling slightly overwhelmed just because I’m in a new place and that’s just what I do.
  9. I’m the youngest member of staff so everyone takes care of me :p
  10. My office/classroom is directly across from the toilet and anyone who knows me, knows that I pee like once an hour and I hate having to walk through an entire school to do so :p

Well now that I’ve told you a few reasons why my job is awesome… Here are some before and after photos of my office!





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