Heart Attack

Happy Saturday, everyone! It has been a very eventful week!

Last Saturday, I went for dinner with my friend Erin, from Canada, and her friend Caitlin from Australia! We went to a steak place called Flat Iron. It was so amazing! The only thing they have on the menu, aside from whatever the daily special is, is STEAK! I REALLY enjoy a good steak! I had mine with peppercorn sauce, a “Sophie’s Salad” (spinach, candied pecans, blue cheese, and lemon dressing), a fancy cocktail, and I ate it with this mini cleaver:

 After dinner we went to Snog for frozen yogurt…

 Here is a photo I’ve stolen from Erin of me and Caitlin eating our Fro-Yo:

You can probably tell in this photo that I look quite ill, which leads to the next exciting bit of the week…

On Sunday I was so ill with a cold that I stayed in bed all day. I spent Sunday evening on the phone with Rob while he typed up my sub/supply plans for the next day because I was too sick to go to work and I had a headache so bad that I couldn’t look at my computer screen…

Then Monday came around and things went downhill… my headache was unbearable, I was physically sick, my chest felt like it was going to explode, and I had ketones…so my landlord took me to the hospital, where I was told I’d only have to stay for three or four hours. But NOPE! There I was, for three days…

I was admitted with Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA)… I was tachycardic, vomiting (sorry), dizzy, achy, short of breath, and in all kinds of crazy discomfort! Thank goodness THAT’S over.

But actually being there wasn’t even the worst part, necessarily. The worst part was that I had no phone service and I wasn’t allowed to leave my room (I was in a room in the ward all by myself because apparently I was infectious and/or contagious), and the nurses were too busy to call Rob and let him know what was happening and he was worried, and because I couldn’t talk to him, I was worried, which was probably making me even sicker… and it was all a big disaster.

Anyway, I got out on Wednesday, but I took Thursday and Friday off work because THE HEADACHE THAT NEVER ENDS WAS NEVER ENDING AND IT HADN’T ENDED YET AND IT STILL HASN’T ENDED!

Rob and I figured out it was probably caffeine withdrawal and so on Friday, when he flew in to see me, we made tacos and I drank Pepsi Max… and that helped, a little.

Anyway, I’m fine now… still not 100% but definitely better than I was last weekend!

Still no updates on visa stuff… when there are, I will let you know!

Stay tuned…

-Moose ❤ ❤


One thought on “Heart Attack

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