(It’s) Hairspray

So I can’t say that anything overly exciting has occurred this week. I went back to work, which was nice. It was the last week before half-term break so it was quite a relaxing week… Most classes were doing assessments so my lessons consisted of me sitting at my desk and changing the “You have {insert number here} minutes left to complete your assessment” slide on the PowerPoint every five minutes. 

If the class wasn’t doing an assessment then it was a fun lesson anyway. I had my year 8s write some love poems to complete their poetry unit, and a few students even got to make a good copy of their poem on some nice red paper so they can give it as a gift for Valentine’s Day. I must say, I was very impressed by some of the wonderful things my students had to say about their loved ones! One boy wrote a heartfelt acrostic poem about his five year old sister, and another boy wrote a very sincere (but also very funny) Limerick for his dad! It was a lot of fun!

For my year 9s, we’d been studying Arthur Miller’s play, A View from the Bridge and since they did their assessment on Thursday, we spent Friday doing a Valentine’s quiz, and playing Mafia… Except that I made all of the characters in Mafia characters from AVFTB so it all tied in nicely! 

On Thursday night I also got a haircut…

So that’s been my week! 

Crazy shenanigans are sure to ensue this weekend as Rob and I move all his stuff in to his new flat!

Stay tuned…

-Moose ❤ ❤


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