Coming Home

Loyal blog followers,

I do apologize for my recent lack of blog updates… but I’ve been going through some stuff and blogging has been far from my mind as of late.

BUT I do have some exciting news which I have been (impatiently) waiting to share with you since Thursday… and that news is:

Robert and I will be coming to Canada in May!!!

I’ll be there from May 7-15 and Rob will be there from May 11-15 (he’s going to Washington first with our friend James… who is also coming to Canada!)!

Since it is such a short time, (we are coming to see my beautiful best friend marry the love of her life) I don’t know how many people I will be able to see… but fear not, because I’ll be back again soon, either permanently (which we don’t want) or to sort out my visa to return to work in the UK (which, yes, we DO want… we REALLY REALLY REALLY want this one to be the case!)!

But even if I don’t get to see all of my favourite Canadians while I’m there, I am still really excited because I cannot tell you how badly I’ve been craving a cream soda Slurpee and a whole jar of dill pickles to myself! In fact, if there is not a cold jar of dill pickles waiting for me when I get home from the airport, I’m going to have a legit apoplexy right in the kitchen.

On that note, I have decided that my blogs are not interactive enough, and so, in the comments, I’d like you to tell me the thing you would miss the most if you have to leave your home country, wherever that may be!

Sorry for the short update… I’ll have more next time!! 

Stay tuned…

-Moose ❤ ❤



2 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. I’d miss my family and friends most. Food or material wise I’m not sure what I’d really miss. Maybe milk because whenever I’ve traveled to different countries so far milk doesn’t seem to taste as good as in Canada. Enjoy your visit back to Canada!

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