Marry Me

It was a whirlwind of a week in Canada with lots of exciting stuff (hence the blog post not being posted on time!)

As mentioned in my previous blog post, last Saturday I took the WestJet inaugural flight from London Gatwick airport to Edmonton, Canada (WestJet’s first flight from London to any Canadian city!).

The flight was actually really good! I would highly recommend flying with WestJet if you have to travel across the pond! While the food was rather expensive, they had a really good selection, wifi (available at a cost), tablet rentals, really friendly staff (the most hilarious cabin manager!), and free soda + pretzels and/or cookies!

At one point when I had wifi I texted Rob and asked if you see my location on Find my Friends and he could, so that was pretty cool!

After arriving in Edmonton I met up with my lovely friends Shay and Cody in Leduc for lunch and it was great to catch up with them!

Then I went to visit my oma at the hospital on Red Deer, as she had just had surgery, and then I saw my opa in Sundre and we had dinner together!

Then I went to bed because it felt like 4am to me by that point!

On Sunday/ Canadian Mother’s Day, my dad and sister and I went to Elbow Falls to spread my mom’s ashes. It was really nice and now I feel like I’ve had some closure.

After spreading mom’s ashes we went for lunch at a place where the server put pepper on my Caesar salad even after I specifically told her I didn’t want any, and I’m still bitter. Haha.

On Monday we began our journey around southern Alberta! I stopped in Claresholm to see my aunt Janet and uncle Mike, and also to get a slurpee because… Duh!

Then we went to the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre which was very informative and I would recommend it as a quick stop for anyone who wants to learn a little Canadian history (we spent about 90 minutes there which was plenty of time but you could do it in an hour if you skip the video)!

After Frank we had lunch in Pincher Creek and then headed to Lethbridge where I caught up with some friends (Heidi and Elyse… I forgot to get pictures with them and I am very distraught!) at Firestone restaurant (I had the crispy potato rolls!) and then we saw The Jungle Book which was phenomenal!!

I slept at Heidi’s house and she let me use her bed, which I am super grateful for, because it was really comfy!

On Tuesday morning, dad, Samantha and I had breakfast at Cora’s… I had the banana caramel waffle and I can now never eat sweets ever again! Well… I’ll probably have another slurpee later.

Then we went to see my friend Stacey, her adorable son Lucas, and his brand spanking new baby sister, Mia! They are so cute (but of course I forgot to get pictures…)!

I totally forgot to finish this blog and then accidentally published it anyway!! Here is the rest:

On the way back to Didsbury we stopped in Carstairs where my step-sister, Teal, did my nails for the wedding for FREE (because I’m her stepsister… you can’t have yours for free… muahahaha). She gave me science stamps and they are awesome!

On Tuesday evening, my beautiful Katie-Boo came to spend the night with me in Didsbury, and we drove to Beiseker when she showed me a tiny graveyard (probably only 100 graves or so) and one of the graves was broken like someone had escaped from it and the name on the stone was Katie Schmidt! So naturally I ran away screaming because I was apparently hanging out with a zombie.

On Wednesday morning we watched Sleeping with Other People which was hilarious, and then Katie went home and Dad, Samantha, and I drove to YYC to pick up the boyfriend! He’d been in Washington for a few days before that for his birthday, and so we celebrated by seeing Captain America: Civil War, which I really liked because it had Spiderman in it and I love him.

On Thursday, we drove back to YYC to collect James and see Caitrin and Johannes for the first time in ages, and also our friend Konsti who I may have mentioned in my blog before but I am too lazy/ jet lagged to go back to my posts from last March to find out if that is true.

Rob, James, Konsti and I left for Drumheller to the Royal Tyrell Museum and check out some dinosaurs!

It takes two British men to make up half the height of this Calmarasaurus’ right hind leg.
After returning to Calgary, I parted ways with the boys and went to Liz’s house for Caitrin bachelorette party/ hen do. I won’t tell you what we did there because… well, you know. I’ll just show you some pictures instead!

On Friday, Rob came with my dad and Tiffany and I to Sundre to meet my oma, opa, cousin Shelley, her partner Alan, and their two daughters, Josephine and Abigail (I DID manage to get a picture this time… well I stole it from Shelley!)

Then Friday evening we went to help decorate the hall for the wedding and the Caitrin, Scotland, Sophie and I all slept over at Liz’s house as a last girly hurrah before Caitrin tied the knot!

Here is Rob and Sophie, occupying some chairs which were important, I guess…
The wedding was pretty fantastic! If you’re engaged, consider getting married at Fort Calgary!

Here is Caitrin enjoying a nice banana just prior to her walk down the aisle…
Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures during the ceremony, and we all know I suck at remembering to take pictures anyway, but here are some from the after-reception that I took! (well, Rob took them on my phone)!

Obviously we are elephants…I love this man ❤ ❤

James and I are very pretty.

And then on Sunday evening I flew home!

That’s all there is, there isn’t anymore!

Oh, except for this: Thank you to all the people I stole photos from (Rob, James, Teal, and Shelley!)

Stay tuned…

-Moose ❤ ❤


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