Rest Your Love

Guys… it was half-term break this week… or as we Canadians call it: Reading Week!

On Saturday, Rob flew into London and we spent a portion of the day packing up a moving van with all of his stuff that we’d previously driven from France and put into a storage unit.

On Sunday (aka Valentine’s Day) we (ok, just Rob) spent eight hours driving said moving van in preparation for moving all of his stuff into his new flat on Monday! But it wasn’t an entirely Valentine’sless Valentine’s Day! We spent the night in a hotel (Partially so Rob could have a break from driving, but also a little bit so that we didn’t have to install a bed upon arrive at an empty flat after nine hours of driving), and we also went for a really nice meal at an Italian restaurant where I was given a heart-shaped, helium-filled balloon! I also got Rob a toy dinosaur which I have dubbed “The Valentinosaur”… I’m pretty proud of that one.

Our glorious hotel bed with a fuzzy green pillow!

Monday was, as mentioned, spent moving everything into Rob’s new flat (which is awesome!!) It’s still not fully set up yet but it will be so nice when it is!! The best part was that his flat is only on the second floor (as in one up from the ground floor… I have to say that because British people would just call that the first floor and that doesn’t sound as nice), AND it has an elevator/lift!!

On Tuesday Rob and I travelled to the airport together because he had to fly back to France and I had to fly back to London, but his flight was several hours  before mine so I just waited around in the airport and got some marking done and felt like a very productive human being!

On Wednesday I had a Diabetes appointment at the hospital that took three hours of my life. In general, I’d have to say that seeing the nurse and the dietitian was pretty standard and I could probably have gone without seeing either of them, thus saving myself two hours, but then I got to see the podiatrist and that was really helpful because I’ve never had my feet properly looked at in all my thirteen years as a diabetic and it was a relief to know that they are doing well!

On Thursday I just got on with some lesson planning… nothing much to report there.

On Friday I met up with my lovely friend Shelby for a much needed catch up, and also chatted with not one, but TWO friends from Canada via Whatsapp call/ Skype!

Back to work next week!

Stay tuned…

-Moose ❤ ❤


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